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Holy Week

If you plan to visit Barranquilla, keep in mind the following plans so that you get to know and enjoy the city that is facing the Magdalena River to the fullest:
1. Try the delicious handmade sweets. At this time, typical candy stalls abound, you can find them in shopping centers, in many corners of the city and even in fairs and parks such as Surisalcedo. There are sweets of all kinds of flavors, such as yam, coconut, milk, papaya, arequipe, mango, corozo, pigeon pea, plum, tamarind, and their variations.
2. Visit the temples of the city. The city is home to several Catholic temples, worth seeing during the Semana Mayor, some of these are:
-María Reina Metropolitan Cathedral, whose stained glass windows are a masterpiece of art along with the imposing statue of the Latin American Christ that rests behind the altar.
-Church of San José, in the Neo-Gothic-Florentine architectural style, was the first Jesuit church in the city.
-Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia, one of the most recognized Art Deco style buildings that still attracts the attention of those who walk the streets of Barrio El Recreo.
-Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, in a Classical style, the volumetry of its front part and the solid dome of the upper central part of the façade stand out.
Other activities to do at Easter:
1. Visit the Gran Malecón del Río.
2. Tour the Magdalena River.
3. Tour the tourist attractions of the Historic Center: Old Fluvial Administration Building, the Caribbean Museum, Paseo Bolívar, the Plaza and Church of San Nicolás, the Plaza and Church of San Roque and the Old Customs Plaza.
4. Visit the Ventana al Mundo and Ventana de Campeones monuments.
5. Have fun an afternoon in the new city parks.
6. Buy typical handicrafts at the Calle 72 Artisan and Commercial Gallery.
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