The city remained in history with the formation of the first Network of Biodivercities in Latin America and the signing of the Declaration of Barranquilla, within the framework of the World Congress of Jurists, where, in addition, the 'Nobel Prize for Right' to a country.

Barranquilla confirmed, once again, its quality as a world-class hostess. The city was entrusted with three events of the highest level: the I Forum of Biodivercities of Latin America and the Caribbean, the World Congress of Jurists and the Junior Pan American Games.

“This was what we dreamed of when we started working to make Barranquilla known. A couple of years have passed and the city no longer has a dream of being the capital of major events: it already is”, said the mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins at the end of the XXVII edition of the World Law Congress, an event that until now had been hosted by cities of the magnitude of Athens, Washington, Cairo, Doha, Sydney, Prague and Madrid.

From November 28 to December 5, the capital of the Atlantic hosted more than 3,000 guests of international stature, who ranged from King Felipe VI of Spain —on his first visit as monarch to Colombia— to mayors and former mayors of cities such as Lima , Los Angeles and Caracas, passing through high-level athletes, presidents of high courts, ministers, ambassadors and representatives of international organizations who took away the most pleasant impression of the city.

To the robust infrastructure for the development of events, such as the Puerta de Oro, the Crystal Pavilion and the impeccable sports venues, points were added to the organization, logistics and commitment of the more than 2,000 people who worked behind the scenes to guarantee success. of the meetings.

“We are the capital of events because the people of Barranquilla took on the task of doing it, because every time the Colombian National Team and guests from all over the world come, we put on our best face. Because now that we had international figures, each person who got in and out of a taxi spoke well of the service they received, because they enthusiastically spoke to people about the present and the future of Barranquilla," said the district president.


Mayor Pumarejo stated that efforts have been redoubled to have more events like the ones that have just concluded, but also highlighted several milestones that occurred from Barranquilla.

The first thing, within the framework of the World Law Congress: the signing of the declaration that seeks to promote and preserve democracy not only in Colombia and in the region, but throughout the world, with points of reflection that make political and legal minds more brilliant all over the world.

The second corresponds to the signing of the declaration of Barranquilla for the formation of the first Network of Biodivercities of Latin America and the Caribbean, with which 8 mayors from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay said yes to forceful actions against change. climate.

This also confirms the confidence of international allies in the city: on the one hand, the World Jurist Association, which is the congregation that brings together the most prominent jurists in the world. On the other hand, the formation of the Biodivercities Network had the support of CAF —Development Bank of Latin America—, an entity that aims to be the first green bank on the continent.

“We are very happy with what has happened this week and we know that great things are coming for this city. Here we said yes to the preservation of our environment and our democracy, two issues of total relevance on our agenda," said Pumarejo, who added that both events were a window for prominent figures to learn first-hand about the city's stakes. Among them, urban planning up to the year 2100, infrastructure projects such as the recovery of the Mallorquín swamp, dazzled the exhibitors who came to Barranquilla.

“We are pleased with the impact and the reactions of the exponents. We are left with the words of the former mayor of Los Angeles, for example, who was moved and moved by the ability of this city to dream and to project itself with the great changes that we have made in a few years and with the vision that we have”, expressed the president of the barranquilleros.

economic recovery

As explained by the Secretary of Economic Development, Ricardo Plata Sarabia, "these events become promoters of tourism and energizers of the local economy, by impacting unions such as hotels, transportation, restaurants, shopping centers, tour operator agencies, among others, who are part of the value chain of the sector thanks to the activities generated through the holding of national and international events”.

This dynamic was represented in the measurements made by the District Tourist Information System, operated by the Tourist Office; where the average expense of the speakers at the World Congress of Jurists was between 1,300 USD during the two days of the event. On the other hand, the average cost of the national guests, including students and professionals, was between $1,700,000 COP.

The hotel service maintained an average occupancy of 87% during the week of November 29 to December 4 in the main hotels in the city, with an average stay of 3.3 days. On the other hand, Spain and the United States were the international destinations from which more guests arrived.

"According to the head of the District Tourism Office, Kathy López, these measurements prove the constant interest of our visitors to learn about and enjoy the services offered by the Gran Malecón, since 90% of those attending both the Congress of Jurists as well as the Biodivercities Forum visited it, in addition to other sites that also hosted some events on the agenda such as the Plaza de la Aduana, the El Prado neighborhood, the Plaza de la Paz and The Icon building“.

“Without a doubt, they were great events that not only promote economic recovery, but also sow the seeds of a sustainable, cosmopolitan and diverse city, with a bright future. But the most important thing is that each person carries a little piece of Barranquila in their heart”, concluded the secretary Plata Sarabia.

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December 17, 2021 — Ven Vive Barranquilla

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