More and more national and international visitors see Barranquilla as a comprehensive destination to visit and enjoy a whole offer of a city that has it all.

Evidence of this is that the tourism sector continues to report positive indicators of reactivation registered in the I monthly bulletin 2022 and the first report on offer and employment of the District Tourist Information System.

From the Tourist Attention Point (PAT) of the Carnival Museum, one of the most visited sites in the city, the Secretary of Economic Development, Ricardo Plata Sarabia, expressed that the capital of the Atlantic continues to position itself as a destination for international visitors: they increased from 12,320 to 17,142 (January 2019 compared to January 2022), which represents a growth of 39%.

In addition to the rise in this indicator, the city also registered a total of 109,305 national tourist arrivals.

The above demonstrates a positive result after the opening of new international air connectivity routes from the Ernesto Cortissoz airport, from where it is recorded that the 5 main destinations of international origin are: United States (19%), Chile (12%), Mexico (8%), Peru (7%) and Panama (5%).

Along these lines, the secretary stated that these figures coincide with the fact that the spearhead of the district Administration for the reactivation of tourism have been the great world-class events and other recent indicators.

“We come from an unprecedented situation, but the people of Barranquilla look forward to this new year in which we will consolidate the economic recovery. In January 2022 we registered the highest Consumer Confidence Index and we are the only positive city in the country, which motivates us to continue with the roadmap set by the Information System to promote tourism, which begins by awakening the sense of of belonging from home”, expressed Plata Sarabia.

Precisely these days, the renowned journalist and public relations officer of North American origin Jesse Scott is in the city, who has shared on his social networks the excitement of his visit and his pleasure towards the typical dishes, the hotel offer and other emblematic places of the city. Scott writes for major media outlets including the Lonely Planet, Miami New Times, Condé Nast Traveler, BBC, and National Geographic.

The report for the first 31 days of the year also showed that hotel occupancy reaches 55%, while the average expense per stay is close to $800,000, maintaining the range of the last quarter of 2021.

"The results of the strategies implemented between the public and private sectors to accelerate the economic reactivation of the sector are evidenced in these very positive figures, but above all, constant", as expressed by the head of the Tourism Office, Kathy López.

First offer and employment report (IV quarter of 2021)
The Information System also consolidated the supply and employment figures of the city's tourism sector for the last quarter of 2021, including service providers such as accommodation and lodging establishments, restaurants, travel agencies and transport operators.

The head of the Tourism Office explained that this measurement analyzes the establishments that have the legal documentation for the exercise of their tourist service activities, such as the National Tourism Registry (RNT).

Taking into account the above, important data on the labor dynamics of the sector stand out, such as that 62% of tourism employees correspond to accommodation services, 20% to gastronomic establishments, and 16% to travel agencies.

Restaurants with RNT are the second tourist service provider that places the most employees in the sector's labor market, with 20% of them.

Equal opportunities
The labor market in the tourism sector shows a more balanced dynamic than other sectors of the economy with respect to the opportunities it offers to population groups such as women and youth:

51% of all employees in the city's tourism sector are women, representing the majority of employed people.
52% of tourism management positions are held by women, which includes private companies, government entities and unions.
63% of the people who work in tourism in Barranquilla have technical, technological or professional academic training related to tourism.
The University to Neighborhood Tourism program is one of the programs with the most students enrolled, with more than 300 students.
May 16, 2022 — Ven Vive Barranquilla

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