The Atlantic capital will be the scene of a great sports party for skaters and athletes, next year on the Gran Malecón del Río.

Once again Barranquilla opens its doors for the sports and tourism development of the city to all its visitors. Cradle of great musicians, writers and painters; headquarters of one of the most important celebrations in Colombia: the Carnival of Barranquilla. Without a doubt, this happy and beautiful Caribbean city has a lot to offer locals and foreigners, and from 2022 it will also be the epicenter of the most important skating and athletics event in the country.

On this occasion, the company Colombia Sports brings to the city the Barranquilla International Marathon 2022, with the support of the District Mayor's Office on behalf of the Secretary of Recreation and Sports and the Secretary of Economic Development with its Tourism Office.

The event will take place next year in the city during two days of competition with skating and athletics races. The place chosen is the Gran Malecón del Río, where on Saturday, April 30, the contest will begin with skating, in distances of 5, 10, 21 and 42 kilometers. While the turn for runners will be on Sunday May 1 with distances of 5, 10 and 21 kilometers.

“Barranquilla has become the sports capital of Colombia, which is why we are always willing to open our doors for events of great importance like this one. In addition, after all the changes that we have experienced with the pandemic, we have been able to notice that the sports that have grown the most in the city are running and skating, so surely the people of Barranquilla will be excited to receive this Marathon at home”, said the Secretary of Recreation and Sports, Gabriel Berdugo Peña.

In the Marathon there will also be a space for the little ones in the house. Children from 4 to 12 years old will be able to participate in competitions of 500 (4 to 8 years) and 750 meters of Skating (8 to 10 years), and 1 kilometer of athletics (10 to 12 years).

“We are very happy to be able to offer a top quality international event to Colombia, in which the community of amateur skaters and runners of all ages will be able to enjoy a beautiful destination like the city of Barranquilla safely and above all as a family” , indicated Víctor Hugo Peña, former professional class A cyclist from Colombia, vice president of Colombia Sports and ambassador of the International Marathon.

In addition to the 2 days of competition, the event will offer 2 days of EXPO at the spectacular Puerta de Oro Convention Center, where skaters and runners will be able to discover and purchase the best and most innovative products for practicing both sports disciplines at prices of Fair. Said EXPO will be held on Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30, from 9 am to 6 pm and admission will be free.

“Barranquilla is projected more nationally and internationally every day to carry out this kind of event. With this Marathon we seek not only for the athlete to come but also for their family and friends who want to accompany them, so that they can learn a little more about what we offer as a city in gastronomy, culture, nature and can explore our city to boost our economy and take away a pleasant memory of his time here”, said Kathy López, Head of the Tourist Office.

The launch was also attended by the District's Special Projects Manager, Daniel Trujillo; Armando Segovia, Director of Indeportes and Commander Gonzalo Pérez, Head of the Planning Department of the ARC Naval School for Petty Officers.

Along with them were national skating personalities such as the 7-time World Champion, Natalia Giraldo, and the 80-time National Champion, Diego Posada, who announced their participation in the event next year, as well as representatives of skating and athletics clubs and schools. from Barranquilla.

People who want to participate in the Barranquilla International Marathon 2022 can register through the event's official website:

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December 17, 2021 — Ven Vive Barranquilla

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